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We inspect, clean, & repair chimneys & dryer vents all over Northern Virginia.

Top Hat Chimney Offers the Following Services

Animal/ Bird Removals
Brick Cleaning
Chimney Caps And Spark Arrestors
Chimney Pots/Ornamental Copper Caps
Copper/Aluminum Flashing
Dryer Vent Cleaning and Inspection
Fireplace Cleaning and Safety
Glazed Creosote Removal
Inspections/ Consultation
Masonry Restoration
Oil And Gas Chimneys
Relining Of Chimneys- UL Listed
Smoking/Smell/Draft Problems
(NEW) Solar Attic Fans
Waterproof & Water Leak Diag
Wood/Coal Stoves





Got Critters?We specialize in the removal of critters from your chimney – UNHARMED. If you are experiencing draft or smoke problems in your fireplace, or if you are hearing noises in your chimney, or if you haven't used the chimney in a while, then we can perform a thorough inspection and remove any animals and/or obstructions we find. We can also install chimney caps to prevent their return.


rebuilt chimneyTop Hat Chimney Services can clean stained and dirty bricks and stones both inside, near the fireplace and hearth, and outside, on the chimney. Cleanliness is guaranteed during the cleaning process to protect your hearth and home. We can also repoint your chimney mortar at the same time to give it that brand new look.


chimney capAll of our chimney caps have a lifetime guarantee. They are available in custom sizes and shapes as well as copper and stainless steel. We also have spark arrestors and draft inducers available when needed. Chimney caps not onlt keep critters and weather out of your chimney, they help insure its safe and proper operation.


clay_potsMany homeowners opt for the traditional look of ornamental clay pots or the upscale look of the Copper Chimney Pot. We offer a great selction of clay chimney pots and quality copper caps. Top Hat installs these caps with a stainless grating to stop critters and birds from entering your chimney.


Top Hat Chimney Services LLC offers installation and repair of chimney step and top flashing. We also install flashing crickets behind the chimney. Many water issues in your home are related to the chimney flashing. We also repair chimney crowns that have deteriorated.


dryer vent cleaningDirty dryer vents can affect the operation of your dryer and even cause fires in extreme cases. At Top Hat, we take dryer vent safety seriously. Dryer vent connectors are removed, brushed and vacuumed, utilizing a special rotating brush. We test the draft and inspect the system.


fire safetyTop Hat knows that you value your home and family's safety. We take care of the dirty work with chimneys and fireplaces for you. We sweep, brush and vacuum the chimney, smoke chamber, and firebox. NO MESS – we utilize drop cloths and runners as needed and we guarantee our cleanliness inside and out. We also include a Level I inspection as part of our complete cleaning process.


Wood burners (especially wood stoves) may experience severe creosote (the by-product resulting from burning wood) build-up in the chimney system. This dangerous flammable substance will coat the chimney system. 2nd and 3rd degree creosote could result.


friendly staffHomeowners and realtors! Free estimates are usually done with a cursory visual inspection. This will not find hidden problems or insure that your chimney is operating properly. We charge a $59 Trip Charge to visit your home and inspect and diagnose your problems correctly. Our inspections are performed with the latest equipment and we guarantee the results. This fee is refundable if you hire Top Hat to perform your work. Residential or commercial, take advantage of our many decades of experience (established 1979) and call for a thorough safety inspection today. We also inspect dryer vents!


masonry before and afterMasonry chimneys in Northern Virginia are subjected to severe weather conditions, and oft times require repairs within the first 6 – 10 years of age. Some of these conditions, spalling bricks, deteriorating mortar, and collasing chimneys are displayed to the right. Top Hat has a full staff of licensed masons on staff to accomplish any restoration and necessary repairs on your chimney. We clean bricks, repoint mortar, and rebuild crowns. We also completely rebuild chimneys if conditions warrant. All work is done to code, inspected, and guaranteed.


The cleaning process includes brushing the chimney with properly sized brushes. We remove the smoke pipe, brush and vacuum the pipe work, shovel and vacuum the breech and reseal the pipe work to the wall. The procedure also includes a full Level I inspection to ensure the venting system and chimney are up to National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.) 211 code.


chimney linersChimneys deteriorated by age, fire, water, or improper installation may need to be relined. Relining basically is the process of re-sleeving an existing chimney rather than demolishing it and rebuilding a totally new one. There are many differing products available for relining – many of them can have questionable longevity. Top Hat has redone many jobs that have been relined improperly (not to code, or inferior product). We will reline your chimney with only the finest products and we guarantee our worksmanship and the safety of the installation.


What causes these problems? The answer involves many different and divergent causes and solutions too numerous and lengthy to delineate here. Suffice it to say – if you have one of these problems we can solve it! Top Hat has been solving chimney problems since 1979.


Natural Light Solar Attic FansTop Hat Chimney Services is proud to announce their affiliation with Natural Light Energy Systems, a recognized industry leader. Top Hat can now address your attic heat problems with Natural Light's Solar Attic Fans. We can analyze your problem and offer the right solution for it. Best of all, these fans are solar powered and will not add to your electricity bill while addressing your over-heated attic's effect on summer energy consumption. Please click HERE for more information on this excellent product.


Water entering a house near the chimney may occur for countless different reasons. We specialize in leak detection and diagnosis. After many decades in the industry we have seen it all and we will be able to fix your water leak. We also offer a 10-year guaranteed waterproof treatment which does not discolor or change the look of your brick or masonry chimney.


wood stoveSOLID FUEL burning stoves and inserts require special servicing. We offer a complete stove service, as well as, cleaning of the pipe work and chimney. Our technicians carry gaskets, smoke pipes and replacement parts for many stoves and inserts. We also remove old stoves and inserts for a charge.